Filagra DXT is a duplex function solution specially composed for men with both penile failure issue like Erectile Dysfunction and untimely Ejaculation. This medicine is known for relieving absolute impotency issues from roots in minutes. 

The energetic Medicine is available in conventional tablet form for oral consumption. Simply take the medicine just as recommended by your physician. Swallow pill as plenary without chewing or crushing the medicine. Do not take overdose of this duplex efficacy solution, as such practice shall lead to severe side effects.

Fortune Healthcare composes this solution with best qaulity and cheaper expression. This manfuacturer holds a reputation in the ED medicine producing market for delivering solutions at its top merit and at best prices. This solution is manufactured by maintaining high standards.

How to take Filagra DXT Tablet?

Take this Medicine in the amount and duration as advised by your physician. take it with a light meal atleast 30 minutes prior to a sexual activity. The impact may last up to many hours.

How Does Filagra DXT Work?

Filagra DXT Medicine Work extraordinary for curing sexual disabilities in men. Sildenafil Citrate + Duloxetine work simply amazing by rejuvenating erotic performance and improving physical abilities in men. The medicine is a fast acting formula known for its fantastic action mechanism in fighting ED and PE both at a time. The energy of two make it a sensational formula for rectify erectile abilities and premature ejaculation as a whole. 

This medication when taken dissolves in the bloodstream and helps the males to get an effective erection. It also delays the climaxing and allows them to have excellent and pleasurable sex. It effectively treats impotence and premature ejaculation.


Missed Dose:

There is no issue if you forgot to take any dose. You may take it any time you feel to take Filagra DXT. You may skip the dose if you forgot to take it any day but do not double your dose for forthcoming as high dose or the duplex dose may cause deadly effects.


Contact your doctor or reach nearby medical facility immediately if you are suspecting the overdose symptoms like vertigo, sleeplessness, pain during urination, etc.

Do not share your medicine with any one nearby you in any case. Taking medicine without a doctor’s prescription may cause serious side effects.

Side Effects:


To ensure the medicine is safe in use, tell your physician about medical issues, if any, such as cardiac disease, brain disorder, liver or kidney dysfunction, blood leukemia or anemia.

Also, tell about undergoing nursing with any OTC or prescription medicines and any type of medicinal allergies.

You should stay away from outdoor activities that need alertness, especially after taking the dose. The active drugs may cause mild to moderate dizziness.

Nitrates, alpha-blockers, antidepressants are known to interact adversely with Sildenafil Citrate and Duloxetine, so accurate you tell your physician before using this medicine.

Store Filagra DXT Pills in a cool, dry place, and beyond from direct heat or sunlight.

Never use an expired medicine; otherwise, it raise the risk of adverse effects that immediate medical attention.


Store the Filagra DXT Tablet at room temperature in dark, clean and dull place. 

Make sure that the tablets should be intact and are not damaged before purchasing.


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