Description :

vidalista 2.5 mg contains 2.5 mg of Tadalafil as the key ingredient, this is a similar active drug which during clinical trial found to relax the smooth muscles in blood vessels wall and improves the flow of blood to the pelvic region. This class of drug is a PDE5 inhibitor, PDE5 is an enzyme which breaks cGMP in the penis restricting the flow of blood. Vidalista is known to break this enzymatic reaction which makes it an effective medication for treating erectile dysfunction. It helps men getting the erection for the desired period of time on sexual stimulation.

How to take Vidalista 2.5 mg?

vidalista 2.5 is primarily used to correct erectile dysfunction together with preventing the problems associated with the enlargement of the prostate gland that occurs as the personages.

Vidalista 2.5 capitally functions to prevent the working of Phosphodiesterase type 20. As a consequence, the blood vessels of the penis get restricted which prevents blood flow in the penis and causes erectile dysfunction.

Hence the prime reason behind erectile dysfunction is the action of Phosphodiesterase type 20 which causes the blood vessels to become less wide and hence prevent the flow of blood.

A commonly known drug known as Vidalista 2.5 exhibits outstanding results in hindering the working of Phosphodiesterase.

Hence it does not block the blood vessels which allows them to be in a relaxed position and supply sufficient blood to the blood vessels of the penis region. As a consequence of which sexual sensation occurs which leads to the erection of the penis.

How to work :

vidalista 2.5mg tablet is a phosphodiesterase (PDE-5) inhibitor. It works in erectile dysfunction by increasing blood flow to the penis by comfortable the muscles in penile blood vessels. It works in pulmonary hypertension by relaxing the blood vessels in the lungs to allow blood to flow more easily.

What are the Side Effects of Vidalista 2.5?

Dosage :


You must call your physician or reach nearby medical facility immediately if you are suspecting any symptoms due to overdose like prolonged and painful erection more than 4 hrs, pain during urination, swelling, etc.

Keep your medicine away from your household or the people around you. Do not share the tablet without any knowledge. Always advise them to visit the doctor.

Missed Dose:

Vidalista 2.5 Mg can be taken whenever you desire. You just need to remember to take it before the intercourse. Skip the dose if it is missed and never take multiple doses next time if you missed it once or twice.


Do not take this medicine if you have an allergic reaction to its active or inactive ingredient of this pills.

If you observed hair loss after the use of this medicine then you should avoid this medicine.

This medicine should not consume with antihypertensive drug because they drop the blood pressure.

Do not take high cholesterol level and highly fatty food with this medicine. vidalista 2.5 mg pills creates unusual vision so avoids driving and walk or any operating mechanical work after taking of this drug.

This pills should not recommend to the below the age of 18 years.


Store the Vidalista 2.5 Mg at room temperature in dark, clean and dry location. Make sure that the tablets should be intact and not damaged before purchasing.


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